Your brand, your logo design, quickly tells your company’s story in a strategic way. Shaman Design works with clients to create and refine corporate identity and build effective branding. A new brand begins with a logo that communicates who you are.

We create brands that put your best image forward. Whether you are rebranding an existing business or creating a new company, we will work with you to design a custom logo design that is appropriate for your industry and communicates the high standards of your business.

Your logo is often a customer’s first experience with your business. Your business can quickly be recognized as a viable quality option or overlooked for a better choice. People will make assumptions about your company based on your choice of colors, fonts and images. A strong brand may be recognizable solely by their distinct color. And a strong logo has to look good and be legible at all sizes. Our logo designs and redesigns create a whole new look and feel for the public face of your organization.

The new custom logo design can be applied to all your marketing collateral – your website design, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, signage, vehicle lettering, shopping bags and more.